Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rangers Victory Recap

The Rangers beat the Devils tonight 2-1 in a shootout to get to .500 on the year 6-6-1. Yahoo! Sports has a recap here.

..the lines tonight were very surprising. I didn't think I'd ever see Dubinsky centering a line with Jagr. Gomez with Avery and Prucha seemed to work early, but not so much after that.

...was it me or did the 4th line see more ice time than any other line.

...great win nonetheless. The atmosphere at the Garden was almost playoff like.

...Prucha is a shootout specialist. Was that Dawes getting the third and most crucial shoot-out position? Wow!

...Lundqvist is by far the front runner for the Vezina. Ridiculous.

...a side note: Why do Ranger fans buy jerseys with the names and numbers of baseball players? Tonight at the game I saw a fan wearing a #13 Billy Wagner Ranger jersey. What is up with that? After the game I pre-ordered my Jose Reyes #7 Ranger jersey.

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