Friday, November 2, 2007

Just Try Stopping Sean Avery from Playing Tomorrow

In Steve Zipay's Newsday Ranger's Blog Blue Notes, he reports that eventhough the Rangers called up Wolfpack left winger Dane Byers because of the Malik injury, it looks like he won't be playing if Sean Avery has anything to say about it...

"As he was removing his shoulder pads after practice, Avery was asked about his status; 'I'm playing,' he said bluntly."

...well okay then. Good luck trying to sit Avery for another game Coach Renney. Although I stated in a previous blog entry that I'm against bringing a player back from injury to early, it'd be real nice to have Avery in the lineup pestering Brodeur all night.

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bpette02 said...

Guess we won't see him sitting in section 420 tonight.