Friday, March 12, 2010

New York City Doesn't Deserve the Cup

In the wake of former Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson saying Cleveland fans don’t deserve a winner, Adam Proteau of The Hockey News lists which NHL cities most deserve a Stanley Cup winner...

17. New York City: Ended its 54-year Cup drought in 1994, but rapidly amassed sympathy by way of management’s subsequent hapless machinations.

Proteau named Buffalo the most deserving city.

...bottom 50%!!! C'mon Proteau. How about some love for Ranger fans who, despite having to endure the wrath of Sather, sell-out the Garden every night?

...there is no better town to win a championship in than New York City (just ask Yankee fans) and a Rangers Stanley Cup win would do wonders for the popularity of the NHL.


-DO said...

Did you notice he writes "Newark" instead of NJ.

Brian said...

yeah that's because he's talking about hockey cities.

-DO said...

Doh! Good point. Nevermind.