Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tortorella the Dictator

Larry Brooks at the New York Post has this hit piece, urrr...I mean story, on John Tortorella wanting to control every aspect of the Ranger players...

"This totalitarian regime running the Rangers doesn't want a strong personality emerging from the room. This regime wants to do the thinking for the players. It wants to do the talking for the players.

The Rangers are 70 games into the season with Game 71 coming up tonight at the Garden against the Blues. They have no identity. Check that. Their identity is wrapped up in Tortorella.

Their identity is Tortorella.

Tortorella doesn't merely want to coach the Rangers. He wants to be the Rangers."

...while Brooks isn't completely wrong here, as I'm just as disturbed by Torts' rebuke of Drury as anyone, but this child-like feud between Brooks and Torts has gone beyond the point of immature. Which seems to be the word floating around the Rangers lately.

...although, I am looking forward to tonight's post game press conference. Especially if the Rangers lose.

Here are the fireworks from Torts and Brooks last spat...

Torts isn't the only Ranger catching a beating today. Check out this piece on Marian Gaborik over at Puck Daddy.

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RJ said...

What a dumb assessment from Puck Daddy. Sure, Gaborik is the crucial part of the offense, but what he's essentially saying is because nobody else on the team is good enough to step up and score a few goals, it's all on Gaborik. Gaborik has pulled his weight. It's the others that are the blame for losing.