Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's All on Lundqvist

Scott Burnside at says of the teams fighting for a playoff spot, none relies more on its goalie than the Rangers...

"The Rangers rank 23rd in goals per game. Only Boston, which ranks 30th, has more trouble scoring in the Eastern Conference and has a legitimate shot at a playoff spot. Yes, we know, good goaltending is key to almost all success in the NHL; but the Rangers, who reinvent their lineup and identity on an almost annual basis, rely on Lundqvist because he is the one constant."

On the pressure to carry the team Henrik Lundqvist said...

"I think, as a goalie, you can't think that you have to win," Lundqvist told "You have to think, 'Just play as good as you can and give your team a chance to win,' because I can't really affect how we play as a team or if we score or not. If I get too involved emotionally with how we do as a team, I'll lose focus on my end, my job."

...there is no doubt that the team relies on Lundqvist night in and night out, but as I've said the most important player on the team is Gaborik because, as we saw last night, you can't win if you can't score. Period.

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