Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Despite Good Health Rangers Still Stink

Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report is baffled by the Rangers play despite their relatively good health while other teams are able to succeed despite a rash of injuries...

"One thing that continually amazes me is how other teams get ripped apart by injuries (or trade away players, i.e. Atlanta and Carolina) and stay afloat. Other teams—Boston and perhaps now Philly—can’t handle the massive injuries they’ve suffered. Meanwhile the Rangers have maintained this miserable pace while remaining remarkably healthy for two years."

...what's funny is that the only time I saw this team play with any kind of urgency or desperation was when Gaborik was out with an injury. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Look at the guys that get hurt. They are the ones playing hard. The majority of the team is at little risk of injury.

NYRFan said...

Great point.