Thursday, March 25, 2010

Same Line-up vs. Devils

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants reports that the Rangers will use the same line-up as last night against the Devils tonight at the Rock, meaning Brian Boyle and Aaron Voros will be healthy scratches.

...i've liked how Boyle has progressed as the season has gone on, but I thought lines were more balanced with Lisin being the re-inserted and Anisimov centering the fourth line. Glad to see Torts finally staying with a line-up.

Gross also has this quote from Tortorella on the Rangers pushing Marian Gaborik to play through pain this season...

“I think that’s been a little bit of a change from the way he’s been handled in Minnesota to here,” Tortorella said. “We’ve tried to keep him on the ice, we’ve tried to push him on the ice. ‘Yeah, you’re sore, so is Cally, so is Dru. Get on the ice and skate the soreness out.’ He’s been really good that way.” That is some interesting insite from Torts. I wonder how Gaborik feels about this treatment. If he is unhappy he hasn't shown it.

Torts also talks line balance, while Anisimov gives his thoughts on being back on the fourth line.


Jack said...

Gaborik takes more punishment than Dru and Cally. That's what happens when are a high caliber're targeted. You don't see two players at once covering Dru or Cally. Or teams changing D strategies to fend off ONE dude.

Whatever, Torts.

Jack said...

*when you are

Nicholas said...

give me a break jack; drury cal block shots night in and night out. they always go head first into the boards to win the puck. I like torts handling of star players, see vinny lecav, st.louis, and prospal. NO Special treatment, something we had to endure for that seven year drought in the late nineties.