Friday, March 19, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes prepares an obit for the Ranger 2009-10 season by giving Ranger fans some ugly numbers...

"What a realist is looking at here:

First year since the lockout without 40 wins: In 2003-04, there were 27

First year since the lockout without 90 points

Worst home record since 2003-04 (13-21-3-4, 33 points)

First year Rangers might draft in Top 10 since Al Montoya was taken at No. 6 in 2004. How’d that work out?"

Zipay also takes a gander at what went wrong this season., Zipay throwing dirt on the coffin already. I honestly think this team is getting in. Now I'm not stupid enough to think they're going to make some noise once they get in, but calling them dead before the games are finished is a bit premature. Sorry call me the eternal optimist.

...having said that, qualifying for the playoffs may be the worst thing for the future of the franchise as it will be less likely that major flaws within the organization (and there are many) will be addressed this off-season.

...and by the results of my recent poll it looks like most Ranger fans would rather a better draft position than playoffs anyway.


-DO said...

Is the picture of Mike Ricci included so that the Rangers' numbers don't look as ugly by comparison?

NYRFan said...

Actually I thought the numbers look just as ugly as Ricci.

Anonymous said...

why would ou guys rather have a higher pick then the playoffs? sather will mess up the draft pick anyway haha at least the playoffs give us some excitement

Jack said...

I really like your optimism. I'd love to see some NYC playoff hockey.

Paul said...

You guys are stupid if you would really rather miss out on the playoffs just to draft a few spots higher, the way the nhl draft is now, there really is not much of a difference if you draft 10th or if you draft 14th. Rather see NY make the playoffs and maybe the King can carry them on his shoulders for a bit. The difference in talent isn't worth missing the postseason anymore, unless of course we're drafting a stud like hugh jessiman.