Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bruins 2, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (31-32-9) lost to the Boston Bruins (32-27-12) by the score of 2-1, today. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...that's all folks. Unreal to see this team come out with another dud in the biggest game of the year. It wasn't until Del Zotto scored at the end of the third did we see any semblance of urgency. And that's on Torts.

...this isn't fair to say b/c Lundqvist has to be perfect every game for the Rangers to have any chance of winning, but he has to make that save on Wideman.

...too nice of a day to continue wasting my time writing about this team. Hey, at least we have the 3D game against the Islanders on Tuesday.


Brian said...

Team was maddening to watch today. The powerplay was atrocious. I usually try to be stay positive and find something that the team or a player did well, but there was nothing today. This team doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs, and I hope they are on the outside looking in come April 11 - that way we can get a higher draft pick. I am not one of those fans that takes enjoyment in bashing this team, but we aren't even close to being considered a "pretender", let alone anything that resembles a true "contender".

Hopefully Sather can stumble upon another GM in the midst of a spell of insanity who will take Redden or Roszival off our hands the way Bob Gainey wound up with Gomez last summer. Those two players are so horrendous that as I am watching the game, I am left speechless. Sather has done a lot of good in the last few years, but the decision to lock those 2 into long term, big-money contracts completely negate any positive actions. With those 2 players still on our roster next season, there is zero chance of competing for a spot at the top of the Eastern Conference.

Justin Rutherford said...

I disagree with you about Lundqvist needing to make that save. If you watch the replay, Jokinen overplayed his man in the zone and as he tried to regroup, he passed right into the shooting lane, clearly screening Hank and he couldn't pick up that puck until it passed through Jokinen. Not his fault.

S.S. DuBois said...

Season Over

jim said...

what can you say, the team has no cohesiveness, no sense of urgency, no passion, no leader offensively or defensively and definetly no chance if they do squeak in.
Lundquist is overated. Someone who's supposed to be in the top 3 netminders, way too many soft goals and at critical times, well any goal they let in seems to be a backbreaker.
Don't care what it cost but Redden should not be wearing the uniform anymore.
Can't recall when they were ever such a dull, listless team and I go way back

christine said...

I don't want to watch them lose in 3E.