Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good News, Bad News

The good news for the Rangers is that the injury riddled Flyers (6th Place 79pts.) lost their third in a row last night to the Ottawa Senators 2-0 and have lost leading goal scorer Jeff Carter for the rest of the regular season with a fractured foot.

The bad news is that the 8th place Bruins (78 pts.) defeated the 9th place Thrashers last night 4-0 to build a seven point lead over the Blueshirts (71 pts.) for the final playoff spot.

...with the Flyers down to Brian Boucher in goal and now losing their leading scorer, not to mention the Rangers possible four-point pick-up on Philly during the home-and-home to end the season, I've got to think the best chance for the Rangers to make the playoffs is through a Flyers collapse. Which seems more and more realistic every day.


S.S. DuBois said...

If the Flyers collapse they still end up in 8th place with Boston in 6th and Atlanta in 7th

NYRFan said...

Why only 8th place? There's plenty of points still available for them to be caught by the many of the team's on the outside looking in.

chris said...

NYRFan do you think we make it in the way we're playing or are you saying the Flyers get bounced too?

NYRFan said...

No I don't think the Rangers are going to make it, but if by some miracle they actually start to play well I think the only shot they have of getting in is through a Flyers collapse.

Don't see Bruins or Habs faltering.