Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Time for Sather to Go

Lyle Richardson at Spector's Hockey says after a decade as general manager of the Rangers, it’s time for Glen Sather to go...

"Sather’s had nine seasons to turn the Rangers into a Stanley Cup contender. He’s failed. It’s time for a change in their front office, preferably someone outside the organization like Steve Yzerman (if he’s available) or perhaps someone else with more experience rather than a Sather crony like Messier."

...c'mon Richardson you had a great article going that would have had every Ranger fan cheering your name, then you go and ruin it by calling Messier a Sather crony. I almost didn't post this after that comment.

...although, I do agree if Sather was to to step down (the only way we're getting rid of him) Messier is not the answer. No need for Mess to come in, not know what he's doing and become the Isiah Thomas of the NHL.


Jack said...

I could see how Messier could be painted as a "Sather crony," not that it's true but I can see how somebody from the outside looking in would see it that way.

David said...

Bring Don Maloney back, or is this a job tailor made for Gretz???