Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rangers 5, Islanders 0

The New York Rangers (32-32-9) defeated the New York Islanders (29-34-10) by the score of 5-0, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...can Torts tell the team that the rest of the games this season will be televised in 3D?

...where has this effort been the last four months? I'm almost more angry than happy knowing the team has this type of effort in them and we're just seeing it now.

...welcome back to the season Marian.

...loving the new shot happy Del Zotto.

...nice to see Avery make his weekly appearance.

...2 goals, 4 assists and a +6 from the Dubinsky-Christensen-Gaborik line. Would have been nice seeing that stat line the last few months, wouldn't it "Mr. I Like to Change the Line-up Every Game."

...i see the extensive work on the power play finally paid off (2-for-6). If they didn't cash in tonight I was going to call for the re-hiring of Perry Pearn. I kid Rangers fans, I kid.

...bottom line is those were two huge points to keep the Rangers faint playoff hopes alive and I'm telling you the Flyers tough schedule (Final nine games include Wild, Pens, Devils, Habs, Red Wings and Rangers twice) to go along with the rest of their problems makes them a prime candidate to tank.

...rivalry week continues as the Rangers head to Newark to take on the Devils tomorrow night.


!JustDance said...

NEWSFLASH. Islanders stink. It's easy to put up big numbers.

Bryan said...

Islanders do stink, but the Rangers aren't much better. This game could have been 10-0 if we converted a few breakaways and other chances. Nice to see the team forecheck a little bit and get pucks towards the net. It's amazing the things that will happen when you shoot the puck.

I will be at the pebble tonight for the game. Go Rangers!

Also Lisin has to stay in the lineup. He adds a little extra energy when he is in there.