Friday, March 19, 2010

Now That's How You Respond

Not sure if everyone has been following the Matt Cooke (Penguins) blindside hit on Marc Savard (Bruins), but last night the two teams met for the first time since the incident. And it took all of 1:58 seconds for Boston to retaliate as the Shawn Thornton challenged Cooke to fight just 5 seconds into the Penguin winger's first shift of the game.

Just this past Sunday the Rangers had the same opportunity to lay a beating on the Flyers' Dan Carcillo for breaking a cardinal rule of hockey fighting by taking on Marian Gaborik two months back, but John Tortorella and the Rangers decided to take a pass.

The reason for the restraint was the importance of the game against Philly. Umm, the Bruins game last night was pretty darn important and you know what they still took care of business.

Sure they lost the game, but I bet Thorton's actions will help build team chemistry which could go a long way towards getting the Bruins into the playoffs. Which is something this Rangers team desperately needs.

I know the Rangers play the Flyers twice to end the season, so there is still time to get revenge, but the opportunity to add some semblance of team unity by sticking up for their superstar has come and gone. As, most likely, has their chances of making the playoffs.

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