Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poll: Who Do You Blame?

With the success of my last poll (342 responses), I figured I'd get another one going.

There's lots of blame to go around for the Rangers disappointing season, but who do you blame the most: Glen Sather, John Tortorella or the players.

The poll is in the right hand column.


Rob said...

Sh*t flows downhill, so they say. In other words, it starts at the top. If Sather weren't so inept the entire culture of the team wouldn't be so bad.

Broadway Hockey Daily

chef dave said...

I had to go with Sather,too. I am actually hoping that he doesn't try to re-invent the team again this summer...Chemistry can take more than a year to develop, that's why it is so important to build from within, just imagine the defense (and the cap space) if we had Tyutin instead of Redden, or the scoring depth with Prucha instead of Brashear? I'll stop now, otherwise I'll jab this pen in my eye.