Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Torts Short Presser

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants transcribes John Tortorella's quick press conference today...

Q: How was practice?
JT: It was fine.
(pause before another question is asked)
JT: Staring contest?
Q: You hoping for more consistency?
JT: Yes.
Q: Chris Drury said it was immaturity on the Rangers part in the loss, do you agree with that?
JT: No, I don’t. I think that’s the wrong word to use by Dru and we’ve ironed that out within the locker room today.
Q: What word would you use?
JT: I have some words but not for you, with all due respect.
Q: Is it frustrating to still be moving lines?
JT: Yes.
Q: Are you trying to find a way to get Marian Gaborik going?
JT: Gabby’s got to get himself going.
Q: Do the top guys need to get going?
JT: They didn’t. That’s a crowded bus though last night, not to point fingers at one, two or three players. That’s a crowded bus.

Gross also reports on Henrik Lundqvist and Sean Avery going at it during practice today. Nothing serious.

...sounds like the team is a bit on edge after a disappointing performance. Good they should be.


Jack said...

Halfway through the season I said that this team doesn't appear to have ANY chemistry whatsoever.

It's a totally divided locker room. Sure you see a few Tweets here and there of guys hanging out. But I bet the Rangers locker room is like a morgue/not fun.

chef dave said...

I hate to say it but I think this team is done. I could tell they were going to lose to the Habs after the first five minutes, no forecheck, no intensity, just like I could tell after five minutes that they would beat the Flyers. If they haven't developed chemistry by now, its not gonna happen.

fleisch said...

This is the only team in the league that turns over 3/4 of its team ever year, or at least the last 2 seasons...
I would say that would make developing chemistry tough...However, it the stupid coach woould play 1 game without changing lines, that may help too....

Scott said...

We suck.

...plain and simple.

I wish it wasn't so, but we all know it is. The sad part is we don't HAVE to suck - we could be good....but we aren't....we suck.