Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rangers-Islanders in 3D

Richard Sandomir at the New York Times reports that MSG Network will show next Wednesday’s Islanders-Rangers game in 3D.

According to the network this is the first time a hockey game has been carried in the technology. It will be available to Cablevision subscribers and offered to other providers.

...i guess MSG Network figures the Rangers will be out of the playoff race by next week and they need a gimmick to keep Ranger fans watching.

...having said that it sounds like a cool idea.


BigDanboski516 said...

How do I get these glasses? Hopefully Dubi puts another beating on someone and I wanna be in the middle of it.

Jack said...

Cablevision only, huh.

Cool idea, but the way ice hockey is broadcast is pathetic. You'd think the director calling the shots of what camera goes live would give the viewer at home the BEST seat in the house.

Instead, viewers at home are stuck with the sucky horizontal coast-to-coast view for 99% of the game.

Andrew_794 said...

they should make glasses to make redden invisible on the ice...

oh wait we dont need glasses for that

Jack said...