Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dubinsky's the Toughest

In Fox News' weekly "Tough Guy Tracker", Brandon Dubinsky was named the #1 tough guy for his beating of the Flyers Mike Richards on Sunday...

1. Brandon Dubinsky, New York Rangers
In only his second fight of the season, Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky made like a lumberjack Sunday night at MSG and chopped down the Flyers' Mike Richards at center ice with a series of surprising lefts and rights. Richards had the edge in the beginning of the bout, but once Dubinsky got going, it was all over for the Philly captain.'s too bad that Dubsinky and the Rangers couldn't bring the fire and fight from Sunday into the Montreal game. Should be interesting to see which team shows up tonight.

Back to the Dubinsky fight. Travis Hughes at Broad Street Hockey says Dubinsky showed a lack of respect by breaking a cardinal fighting rule by punching Richards while he was down.

...ummm, Travis did you see your boy Carcillo break an even bigger rule by fighting Gaborik a month ago. Sounds like sour grapes after seeing his captain take a beating.

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Amos said...

I saw that Flyers blog crying over Dubinsky "breaking rules." Wasn't Richards breaking a rule by trying to start a fight in the last couple minutes of a game?
I was going to call him out on his comments section, but then I saw that too was overrun by idiots, so I figure let it alone.