Friday, March 12, 2010

Avery Not Sure What More "Engaged" Means

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes has Sean Avery's reaction to John Tortorella's quote that the pesky winger was being benched tonight because he needs to be more "engaged"...

"I’m going to have to talk to him about that, and figure out what exactly it is and then instill it into my game." can Torts say he's been asking for a while now for more engagement and Avery not know what he's talking about? wonder this team seems lost. Poor communication on and off the ice.

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has more Avery reaction to the benching here.

Zipay also has a post on Enver Lisin getting another chance tonight here.

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Ankur B. Parekh said...

Can we have a poll on how fans think Torts is doing with the team? I know how the Dolans and Sather are, but is good ol' Torts just caught in the middle or is he contributing to the "demise" of our beloved Blueshirts?

The current poll really got me thinking... I would LOVE to see the Rangers in the playoffs but realistically, what chance to they actually have at the Cup? Are we destined for another First round KO? If this season's inconsistency is any indicator, its' that.

Living in DC and feeling the mutual annoyance of the Caps/Ovechkin and those two girls and their cup in Pittsburgh, it would be nice to have such a player on the Rangers (no disrespect to Gaborik, Lundqvist & Co.) that provides that electrifying environment- and most importantly wins. It seems more practical to get a high draft pick to build around.

Unfortunately, Hank can't save them all.

And sorry for the long winded comment.