Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gilroy/Lisin May Be Sitting for A While

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has these quote from John Tortorella on the future playing status of Matt Gilroy and Enver Lisin...

On Gilroy: "It’s crunch time and we think he still needs some work underneath the hashmarks as far as engaging and taking people off pucks and stopping cycles. He’s going to sit and watch. Other guys have struggled. Michael really has to work on that, also, and it’s been a little bit up and down for him. It’s a tough position for a first-year pro to come in, especially in the position we’re in right now. Michael gives us a little more on the offensive side and that’s why he stays in there.”

On Lisin: “He’s a guy who can skate with skill but we’d like him to fit in the game a little bit better. Right now, we’re going to give (Corey Locke) a chance to produce some offense. I’m not sure how much time he’ll get, we’ll see how it goes. With Lis, I just don’t want us getting hurt by a lapse defensively and that’s still a work in progress with him.”

...someone mentioned this earlier today, you just hope this benching doesn't set Gilroy back mentally. Especially when he sees a guy like Redden getting a regular shift despite defensive lapse after defensive lapse. He has to wonder "Am I actually worse than Redden?" far as Lisin goes, I would much rather see guys like Parenteau and Locke getting ice time over him so I'm with Torts on this one.

Gross also reports that, as expected, it will be Lundqvist tomorrow night against Tampa.


fleisch said...

If Gilroy has a mental set back, then he is not ready for the NHL....He has nothing to be ashamed of. He is a rookie, playing more games then he should have already in his rookie year...Everyone knows why redden is still in the lineup(money) and I am sure Gilroy gets it too....Plus, while Redden does suck, he has produced a solid nhl resume. Its tha, his contract, and sheer stubbornness by sather/torts that has him still with the big club.
As far as Lisin, he has more chance in the NHL to prove he belongs, and continues to prove he doesnt

DTraecelle said...

Please tell me he knows his name is Matt.