Saturday, April 10, 2010

How the Rangers Get In

Obviously, if the Rangers win tomorrow in Philadelphia they're going back to the playoffs for the fifth straight season.

However, they do have a back door way of getting in if Boston loses both their remaining games (today vs. Carolina & tomorrow at Washington). If that should happen all the Rangers (and Philly for that matter) need to do is get into overtime (win or lose) as all three teams would be tied with 87 points and the Rangers and Flyers would win the tie breaker (victories) over Boston for the final two playoff spots. (Montreal gets in as well with Boston loses)

Obviously the winner in OT would get the higher seed between the Rangers and Flyers.

If Boston does lose today (tied right now 0-0 in the 1st) because their game against the Capitals starts at 12 noon tomorrow the Rangers & Flyers will know where they stand when they face-off at 3pm.

...if Boston loses both games, you think the Rangers and Flyers will make an agreement that their game must go into overtime to ensure a playoff berth for both teams? How crazy would that be?

On watching today's Boston game Brandon Dubinsky told

"I'm not going to watch the game (Saturday) to see what Boston does because I don't really care," Dubinsky told "We have one game to get in. If we win that we're going to get in and if we don't than we're not."

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