Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Sather Was Up Against

Larry Brooks at the New York Post gives Ranger fans some insight into what Glen Sather was up against during yesterday's trade deadline...

"The GM did attempt to improve his team, but found the price for renting Nashville defenseman Dan Hamhuis and/or Columbus winger Raffi Torres too expensive for his taste. There was some discussion with Vancouver about renting pivot Pavol Demitra, Marian Gaborik's running buddy, but nothing of substance developed.

The Blueshirts never had any intention of inquiring about Edmonton defenseman Sheldon Souray. Neither David Booth nor Nathan Horton was available from Florida..."

Michael Obernauer at the Daily News adds that Vinnie Prospal received lots of interest which convinced Sather to hold on to him.

...the Rangers trade deadline was before the Olympics when they brought in Jokinen. Like I said in an earlier post, Sather was smart to not overpay and hang on to the Rangers young assets.

...assuming cap restraints also had a lot to do with Sather's inactivity.


Anonymous said...

dream on

that senile blind old clueless piece of sh*t didnt even know the trading deadline was yesterday.

He was sitting in some house by a lake in northern Canada smoking that big nasty cigar.

what a joke.

-DO said...

What's with all the bad vibes here today? Nothing happened. Not bad, not good. Nothing.

no, we didn't get Lidstrom for a 4th round pick, but we didn't trade Dubi and Cally for Christoph Schubert either. It's been said over and over, just be glad nothing stupid happened.

Jack said...

So...Larry Brooks is speaking for Sather. Cool.

chris said...

we should have been selling players so we could build for the future - that's right the future because the present ain't happening - not with 25% of our offensive power on the sidelines and 20 games in the next 40 days

Nick said...

If interest was so high in Prospal, why would we keep him? That seems backwards... demand was high so we DIDN'T sell?
I love Vinny on this team, but if we can use him as a chip to build for the future I think thats the move to make. We could even have brought him back in the off-season if he fits into the 2011 plans.

-DO said...

Jack, I wonder where he has to put his mouth to become Sather's mouthpiece.

Chris & Nick, so pessimistic. Not that I disagree, but they haven't given up on making a run for it yet. Like I said, I'm just happy Sather wasn't so delusional that he would do something that left us worse than status quo after this year.