Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sabres 2, Rangers 1, OT

The New York Rangers (29-28-9) lost to the Buffalo Sabres (35-20-9) by the score of 2-1 in overtime, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...i said this the other day, Marian Gaborik is the most important player on the Rangers, even more than Lundqvist, because you can't win if you don't score. And right now Gaborik nor the Rangers are scoring. there anyway we can actually blame Gaborik for the lack of offense? 16 goals in four games without him and now one goal in two games since his return. And it's not necessarily him not scoring, the team as a whole looks like spectators when he's playing.

...can this team please win in OT. 1-6 this season in the extra period. Would have been nice to see one of the four Rangers on the ice actually take the body on Kaleta.

...Dubinsky now has three goals in the four games since the Olympics. Nice to see him stepping up and showing Rangers management they made the right decision not trading him at the deadline.

...Miller is the only goaltender in the league I'd take over Lundqvist right now. Man, he's good. And now that he's a national hero he's also getting quick whistles. He was the recepient of at least three tonight.

...i thought the Rangers brought Shelley in here for some toughness? Has he fought yet?

...despite only getting one point, it's a big point as the Blueshirts (9th) get lots of help tonight as Boston (7th) and Atlanta (10th) lost and Montreal (8th) is losing.

...heard there was less than 100 people at the 'Fire Sather Rally.' I thought for sure there'd be more than that. Maybe Ranger fans secretly like Sather. Nah.

...schedule doesn't get easier as the Rangers visit 'The Rock' on Wednesday.

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Jack said...

Only 100? Damn, totally thought there would be more.

How about Miller's glove save on Gaborik's deflection.