Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Record Breaking Trade Deadline

If you can believe it, today's trade deadline actually broke the NHL record for trades (33) and players involved (51). With so few big names moving, I actually didn't realize how busy it was.

Although, looking back at the size of my "Trade Deadline Tracker" I shouldn't be surprised.

Speaking of records, The New York Rangers Blog with three house left in the day has already broken the single day record for hits with over 7,000 so far. Which was highlighted by 2,600 hits from 2-4pm.

The blog also reached another milestone as sometime this morning it registered it's 500,000th hit. That's half a million. Unreal!!!

As always, I want to thank everyone for supporting my little blog and making it a great place for Rangers news. I also appreciate all the e-mails of support and advise. So please keep on stopping by and remember to tell your friends.

Oh yeah, and Let's Go Rangers!!!


bpette02 said...

You suck! You should stop doing this blog!

NYRFan said...

With friends like you. I don't need enemies.

fleisch said...

I agree....shut it down!!! you need to watch more then Rangers in 60 to have an opinion...

rusty said...

Pay no attention to the naysayers, this is a wonderful one stop shopping blog for links to all kinds of ranger info and I've touted it several times on other sites. Keep up the good work.

NYRFan said...

Thanks rusty. Yeah those guys are just haters.