Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poll: Playoffs or High Draft Pick?

I haven't done a poll in a while, so with the Rangers struggling to stay afloat in the race for the final few playoffs spots, I've got to ask would you rather see the Rangers squeak in as the 8th seed and most likely get bounced in the first round or miss out on the second season and get a high draft pick?

Poll is to the right.


Anonymous said...

Can you add also lose out and mabye get Glen Sather fired

NYRFan said...

Or how about lose out and Dolans sell the team to an owner who actually cares.

Jack said...

I just don't get why the team stopped playing the way they did the first quarter of the season. Aggressive forecheck, SKATE to the puck, first man in the corner...etc.

steve said...

Are you kidding me, Go for the losses.
The bottom five have a lottery shot to get the overall number one pick which is this guy name Hall, who is phenomenal.
By the way what did the wife have to say about the Girardi comment "it must be nice having a boy"...when you have a couple daughters????

Scott said...

Go for the playoffs. This team has NO shot at the cup, but don't you want to watch them make a run down the stretch and get into the dance?

Last season the team over-achieved even taking the Caps to 7, and they provided a lot of cheers and excitement squeaking in down the stretch.

Rooting for losses is insane. It breeds a culture of losing on a team and there is no guarantee AT ALL that our draft position would improve dramatically or even help us in the long run. Besides, its anti-American to root against your own team.

NYRFan said...

She's actually an Islanders fan so most of her time is spent on the Islanders blog Point Blank.