Friday, March 5, 2010

The Dive

Dave Lozo at takes a look at the confrontation between Henrik Lundqvist and Sidney Crosby after the Penguins Captain took a dive after being hit by Marc Staal.

Here's Lundqvist on the play...

"He went up with his arms and really played it out and I told him to stand up. But he's a great player and obviously refs are going to be hard on that. And refs need to make sure star players are protected. But I don't think you should use it though."

On whether he's seen Crosby dive in the past, Lundqvist added...

Arms up in the air? Yeah, I've seen it a bunch of times. I think I've seen it in so many games that I got a little frustrated."

Crosby responded with this...

"I didn't like the fact that he came over. I thought that it wasn't right. I got a good cross-check in the ribs that didn't feel too good and the last thing I expected was him standing over me. I let him know how I feel. And I'm sure if he wants to tell you that's up to him, but I'd rather keep that to myself. I don't think there's any point in really starting that. But I was surprised and I didn't like it."

...i mentioned this last night. It really frustrates me that a player of Croby's caliber resorts to diving. I still wouldn't like the guy if he wasn't diving because he plays for a rival, but at least I'd have respect for him.

...i can't for the life of me understand why he does that.

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christine said...

Because Crosby is a ####. Props to Hank for calling Crosby out on it.