Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Devils 6, Rangers 3

The New York Rangers (29-29-9) lost to the New Jersey Devils (39-23-3) by the score of 6-3, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...fighting for their playoff lives with only 16 games remaining and this is the defensive effort the Rangers give? Disgusting. Not a good time to lose four in a row (0-2-2).

...Lundqvist must have given Torts a huge 'thank you' for protecting him from further defensive ineptness by pulling him in the second.

...on a positive note I did like the fight the team had early as they were able to comeback from three, one-goal deficits. good was Christensen's goal? I know he's a little inconsistent but the Rangers need some flash in the line-up and I'd love to see them re-sign him this off-season.

...i thought Gaborik came out with a lot of jump in his step but he just faded as the game wore on. He also needs to look for his shot more.

...can someone teach Jokinen to shoot off the pass? The guy has a wide open net, waits and allows Brodeur to scramble back and make a desperation save he has no business making. were there bombs thrown in the Shelley/Letourneau-Leblond fight. Unfortunately, Shelley used the Aaron Voros strategy of blocking most of them with his face.

...i'm going to say this after every game until the end of the season: Dubinsky-Christensen-Gaborik. Please!!!

...Redden's Ranger career can be summed up by his ill advised pinch which led to a 3-on-1 and a back breaking goal in the second. Why Potter is not playing ahead of him is baffling.

...big game on Friday night in Atlanta against the tenth place Thrashers. If the Rangers don't pick this up soon they could be out of the playoff race by next week.


fleisch said...


Its been over since November!!

Lets lose out and get a high draft pick!

cf775111 said...

agreed. We're so close to a stud prospect and the waiving of at least one of our outrageous contracts. LETS GO ATLANTA! lol

Jack said...

Both the Isles and the Lightning have a top draft choice in the lineup...both are developing and performing well this year...Let's Go Draft Pick!

Though I want to see NYR playoff hockey, I'm torn.

!JustDance said...

Look at this team. Does it look like a playoff team?

See you next year.

Let's Go Mets

chris said...

i told a friend before the olympics that the rangers might get 11 or 12 points out of the final 20 games and end up in 11th place - now i'm convinced

James said...

Of all the years to get a high draft pick... This draft is going to be mediocre. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's any NHL-ready prospects in the top 5. Taylor Hall is a good prospect, but at this point he's not at the level of Tavares or Stamkos. Fowler looks like MDZ with less offense. Kabanov is talented but not in the same class as Ovie/Kovalchuk/Malkin. We could easily walk away with Lundmark/Brendl part 2...