Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carp: Go to Zone Defense

In the wake of last night's defensive disaster, Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report would like the Rangers to go to a zone defense...

"If I were their coach, I’d take them to a basketball court and show them how to play a zone defense. How you keep the opponent with the rock on the outside, force him to take long shots. How you don’t go diving out at him, taking yourself completely out of position, trying to block a pass inside. If you defend inside, the ball stays outside. I’ve seen teams with very limited size and skill do this very effectively.

Now I know hockey’s a different animal, and defending the pass is much more difficult—it is a little disc, rather than a pumpkin, after all—but the same theory can apply. You give up the long, bad-angle shot, and let your goaltender have that, and defend/box out the opponent down low. Once you go sliding to ice, if the puck gets by you, your goalie is going to have a ton of problems."

...makes sense to me. Although Redden would find a way to screw it up.

...earlier in the week Carp gave advice on overtime strategy, now it's defensive schemes. Maybe he should send a resume in to Sather.

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