Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sather Talks Trades

Rick Carpiniello at The Rangers Report has these quotes from Glen Sather on his moves today...

“Antropov is a big winger or center-iceman and he’ll help us in the goal scoring department.

“Morris gives is a bit more bite on the back end. He can play a little bit of offense and defense, and he’s an aggressive defensman.”

“Antropov is certainly a guy whos had a lot of power play time. Morris is a smart player who has had a history of playing on the power play.”

“I think it’s a little early to tell how they’re going to perform here or (if they will be re-signed). But I’m fairly optimistic (they can be signed).”

On Prucha: “I like Prucha too. He was certainly given an opportunity (in Phoenix), but we needed to get some size on the power play and (Antropov does that).”

...i'm excited about the moves. Sather obviously addressed our need for power play help and size. Add Avery to the mix and we are a better team today than we were on Monday.


Evan said...

You know its a shame that they had to trade Dawes and Prucha, but in all likely hood they were not going to be able to keep both of them and Korpikoski, Dubinsky, Callahan, Sjostrom. Its such a shame that Dawes was let go, he is such a shifty player but is limited by his size, if the kid was 5 inches taller he would play every night on the top line. As for Prucha, its sad to see such a work horse go but I excepted long ago he would go. The only positive coming out of this ordeal is that Kalinin is gone and now there is a vacancy for prospects for next season.

Jack said...

Quoted from the Coyotes hipcheck blog:

"DMo was also a pretty good return. Prucha has 30 goal potential and was definitely in Renney’s doghouse. Dawes was on a high development curve too for awhile til Renney pretty much tried to turn NYR into a defensive workhorse team. I like both of them. Kalinin I don’t know much about but remember, we’re a team that fields David Hale…"