Sunday, March 22, 2009

ReBranding of Avery

Buddy Oakes at Fox Sports says Sean Avery has reinvented himself during his second stint as a Ranger...

"But Avery has not been just another player on the ice. He has basically been the hardest working player on the team, hustling and being around the puck on every shift."

...obviously Oakes never watched Avery before because he was the hardest working Ranger during his first stint with the team as well.

Oakes still wonders if Avery is going to continue being a model citizen with the Rangers...

"But despite being a key contributor and a model citizen right now, questions remain. Has Sean Avery been "cured" of the problems that have plagued his career both on and off the ice, or is he a ticking time bomb waiting to explode at an inopportune time? Only time will tell."

...again, if Oakes actually watched Avery his first time around with the Rangers he would know that Avery wasn't plagued by off the ice problems in New York.

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Jack said...

Everybody is an expert. Especially writers who don't watch what they're talking about.