Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Players, Tortorella React to Acquisition of Avery

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes has numerous quotes from Ranger players and head coach John Tortorella on the Rangers claiming Sean Avery...


"We feel, especially in the division, we need a little more jam on our team. Hopefully he can kick in a couple of goals. I haven’t coached Sean, I want to see what he’s all about. I’ve seen him play. When he’s concentrating on playing under a team concept, he’s an effective player. That’s what we’re looking for. He’s really tried to help himself and Glen believes in second chances. I think he’s done his homework here and we’ll see where it goes."

Chris Drury feels Avery will love Tortorella's system, while Henrik Lundqvist said Avery is a good player when he focuses on the game.

For more quotes visit The Rangers Report.

...nothing much here. Most players just giving the old "were happy to have him here" and "he's just one of 20 players on the team."

...the current players better not complain about the move, because if they were playing better Avery wouldn't have been brought in.

...personally, while I'm really excited to have Avery back, unless the Rangers can pick-up a scorer tomorrow, I don't know how much better this team is.


Fandangle227 said...

With Avery in, Prucha playing well in new system, who is out? Dawes? I like the move but I'll be disapointed if Prucha has to start sitting again after he's started to build his confidence.

fleisch said...

Dawes should find the bench... or what most likely will hapen is 1 or both could be traded

rikon said...

Last season, one of the few times Prucha and Avery were on the same line they clicked well (i think i remember a 2-goal game for prucha both setup by avery).

Dawes has to sit, Prucha is the sole right-handed shot on the line, and Avery is in effect a grittier, more talented version of Dawes. Also, Prucha has been getting power play time and it would be odd for Torts to sit a player capable of being on the PP instead of Dawes. Just my 2 cents.

At least Voros is gone.

nergfol said...


Where will Prucha fitt? 4th line..?

I think Sather is done with roosterchanges...
That, or prucha will be traded...

rikon said...

I think Sather is done with any "major" roster changes and might deal a player or 2 for draft picks. There is very little space next to the cap and surprisingly enough, I think finally Sather realizes that trading young players, draft picks is only worthwhile if a serious playoff push is realistic AND only for players in their prime (i.e. Hossa, St. Louis) and not washed up, old players (i.e. Tkachuk, Guerin, Redden).

But, I wouldn't complain if he finds a new home for Redden.

Dubi, Cally, Prucha, Korpi and Co. are the guys he should build this team around.

Beth said...

rikon said "Dubi, Cally, Prucha, Korpi and Co. are the guys he should build this team around."

Totally agree with this. We've got a good base of young talent in these guys. Better to build on it for the future than break it apart for a marquee player with few years left in him.