Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prucha In, Fritsche Out

In the never ending third line carousel, Tom Renney has re-inserted Petr Prucha into the line-up on the third line with Lauri Korpikoski and Ryan Callahan for tonight's game against the Buffalo Sabres. This means Dan Fritsche will be headed back to the press box. As reported by Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report.

...the constant shuffling of Dawes, Prucha, Rissmiller and Fritsche has to be difficult for them to find any type of flow.

...however, as Renney showed with Sjostrom, if one of them can take advantage of their opportunity with a strong showing they will start seeing regular playing time.


Anonymous said...

If the weak play from the first line keeps up what do you think of switching drury and korp. Korp on the wing with naslund and gomez. drury centering callahan and any one of the current carrousel.

brian said...

Definitely worth a shot, but I think that Gomez, Drury and Naslund should be given ample opportunity to find themselves, they are all too good of hockey players to not find something that works. Plus, if we keep winning, it buys them more time to find themselves. Definitely no need to change anything yet.

brian said...

Also, nyrfan, I have been with you in hoping that Fritsche gets a look, especially after his strong preseason...I didn't happen to catch the Devils game, how did he do?

NYRFan said...

I thought he played solid. But didn't really do anything to stand out. Like I said in post its going to be tough for him to get into any type of flow if he's only playing once every five games.