Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hollweg Taking Some Heat

Here's what Toronto Star's Damien Cox has to say about former Ranger Ryan Hollweg's hockey ability in the wake of his series of boarding penalties...

This oaf on skates doesn't score goals, or set up plays, or generate a forecheck or even protect his teammates. Ever since he's been in the league, he has been known as a player who does one of three things every time he's on the ice:

1) Takes about 25 strides and charges an opponent.

2) Leaves his feet to hit an opponent.

3) Hits opponents from behind. I thought the New York media was harsh.

...despite the harshness, Cox's assessment of Hollweg is pretty much what every Ranger fan has been saying for the last three years.

...although he played hard every night, right Hollweg apologists.


Dave said...

There is no place in the NHL for a guy like Ryan Hollweg.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe in the ’80s...but "thugs" have to be able to handle the puck and at least keep up with anyone who skates on the ice. Look how much Orr has improved.