Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rangers Waive Rissmiller

TSN is reporting that the Rangers have waived winger Patrick Rissmiller.

Rissmiller had 0 goals, 0 assists and was a -2 in 2 games with the Rangers this year.

For more go to The Rangers Report and Blue Notes.

...you figured something had to happen with the glut of forwards. And with Rissmiller's performance last night you knew he was probably the odd man out.

...i wonder if the next move would be to send Korpikoski down to Hartford to get some offensive confidence and insert Fritsche on the Drury-Naslund line.

...which would mean Prucha will be loading up on hot dogs and beer in the press box.


brian said...

I believe this gives us a bit over $1 million in cap space. If Korpikoski were to be deemed not ready and sent back to Hartford, or if Prucha were to be moved, giving us over $2 million, I would welcome the signing of Mats Sundin, not Brendan Shanahan, on a pro-rated contract for a half or three quarters of the season. Sundin would provide way more offense than Shanahan could in 2 more seasons.

Anonymous said...

yea bullcrap. Atleast Shanny is freakin skating, Sundin is sitting on his fat ace.

NYRFan said...

I still don't want to see either one of them on the Rangers. I'd like for them to have cap room so they have options come trade deadline time.

Anonymous said...

"so they have options come trade deadline time." good point.

brian said...

Why give up valuable assets when a guy like Sundin could be signed without giving up anything?

NYRFan said...

Not sure why I'm so against signing Sundin. The guy can score and we are obviously having problems in that area right now. But the idea of bringing in an older high priced free agent just reminds me too much of the pre-lockout Rangers.