Friday, October 31, 2008

Rangers Again Connected to Sundin

Eklund at HockeyBuzz is reporting that a Mats Sundin signing is upon us. Giving these two notes from his "sources"...

"I am told with certainty that Mats Sundin news is upon us. It is done. Mats is returning. Rangers, Canucks, and Habs are aware of what it will take. But in honesty, Mats will decide based on the best chance to win a Cup in his head. NOT MONEY."

"Look out NHL, Mats is coming back. Either the Rangers or Canucks. It will come out of nowhere."

...i don't doubt that the Rangers are looking into Sundin. I doubt that it's a very serious consideration, especially with the Rangers cap situation. I think he end's up in Montreal. Which isn't good for us. I'd rather see him in Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

I'm still up in the air about Sundin...So let's say he signs up with a team after the All-Star break...and the Rangers are in the top three in the we still get him?

JH29 said...

I personally think Sundin is still going back to Toronto. Lots of teams are still in the hunt, but nothing makes more sense to me than toronto.
I wrote up a summary of who is interested and where he might end up.
My thoughts.