Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rissmiller Plays Waiting Game

It's been a week since Patrick Rissmiller cleared waivers, however, the Rangers have yet to assign him to Hartford and could even play him against Atlanta tomorrow night. He's caught in NHL purgatory.

According to Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report because Rissmiller hasn't been assigned to Hartford since clearing waivers, "after 10 NHL games or 30 days, the Rangers would have to again put Rissmiller on waivers, where he could conceivably be claimed by another team." However, if he isn't claimed he could end up being a $3 million dollar practice player for the rest of the year if the Rangers decide to keep him with the big club.'ve got to feel bad for the guy. He signs a fairly big contract for someone of his talent and now he can't even get on the ice.

...the Rangers need to send him down to Hartford immediately. Having him take up $1 million against the cap this year while sitting in the press box just doesn't make financial sense.


brian said...

We really gotta get this guy out. Really doesn't add anything that Fritsche doesn't add.

NYRFan said...

Agreed. Not sure why Sather hasn't sent this guy down yet.