Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Line-up Shake-up

Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report says that Tom Renney has again shuffled the lines for tonight's game against Atlanta, giving them a familiar look...


This mean Petr Prucha is being sent back to the press box. Weinman says the defensive pairings look the same.

...not sure a drastic change like this in the midst of a three game win streak is a great idea.

...but I have a feeling Renney really liked the old lines and just switched them up to try and get both Drury and Naslund some confidence before reconfiguring them again.

...and as you guys know, anytime Fritsche is in the line-up I'm game.


thrilliam9 said...

I am down with this lineup as well.

One thing I am really diggin' about looking at the stats for the team.......

Your +/- leader is none other than Nik Zherdev at +9.

Who woulda thunk it?!?

Anonymous said...

These lines look like they should be killer—they were mediocre before...and hey, Voros got five goals with this line.