Friday, October 31, 2008

And It's Valiquette and the Playstation line

Sam Weinman at The Rangers Report confirms that Steve Valiquette will start tomorrow night in Toronto.

Weinman also reports that Dan Fritsche practiced with Drury and Naslund today, while the Playstation Line (Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev) was re-united.

...Renney had re-united the Playstation Line late in the Atanta game and looks like he wants to keep them together. Makes sense since Dubinsky and Voros have slumped since Zherdev was taken off the line.


Anonymous said...

Who was the first to coin the "PlayStation Line?" I've never heard that although I know Dubie and Voros play it together...any more info on the coinage?

NYRFan said...

Voros and Dubinsky actually coined it because when they were playing NHL08 on Playstation earlier in the year they formed the Voros-Dubinsky-Zherdev line in the game.

Anonymous said...