Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrashers Want Staal, Dubinsky or Callahan for Kovalchuk

Update, 11:06 a.m.:
Larry Brooks, via Twitter, is reporting Atlanta is asking for these combinations from the Rangers...

"Staal or DelZotto+Callahan or
Dubinsky+Kreider or Stepan or
Grachev+first rounder"

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has his thoughts on Kovalchuck here.

Original Post:
Regarding what Atlanta GM Don Waddell wants from the Rangers in return for Ilya Kovalchuk, Bob McKenzie at TSN says...

"There is no question the Thrashers want the Rangers involved because Waddell would love to get one or two of defenceman Marc Staal or forwards Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan."

McKenzie adds that Glen Sather might actually show some restraint as the Rangers primary need is a center and trading Dubinsky would be devastating.

The AJC reports that Kovalchuk has been seeking the maximum salary allowed under the collective bargaining agreement, which is 20 percent of the salary cap, or roughly $11.3 million per season. He is also asking for a lifetime contract in the 10-to-12-year range.

...even if the Rangers decided to give up one or two of three mentioned (god I hope not) there is no way they'll be able to fit Kovalchuk under the salary cap without getting rid of two of three huge contracts of Redden, Rozsival and Drury. basically, unless Sather can work some cap magic, the Rangers would be throwing those players away for a rental. No thanks.


S.S. DuBois said...


Man i'm getting that sinking felling lake all the water is draining out of the Rangers proverbial tub.

Stall, Callahan and Dubinski


CoochieWallie said...

Would not make that deal if my life was on the line....I say kovy is probably gonna go to the kings. Lets just pass him by and watch him become a Ufa in the offseason..hopefully tonight we don't get embarrassed cause the caps are on a run right now

Jack said...


Andrew_794 said...

ughhh choices...yes we need a center but if we could resign kovy then id go for it, sadly we cant talk to him before we trade for him,,,

Andrew_794 said...

no way id involve staal in anything

william hussey said...

I say go for it with anyone but Staal. We need scoring more than anything else.

-DO said...

Can't imagine Kovy and Avery on the same team. I've never seen a star player go after somebody the way Kov went after Avery in the first round of the 06-07 playoffs. I know that's hockey, but Avery must've really gotten under his skin. Pretty much cost Atl the series.

Not to mention is would be a terrible deal for NYR.

rickyweingarten said...

Anyone of those deals would be fine, PROVIDED they could resign him. Anyone who thinks different is out of their minds. Kovalchuk is one of those rarities in the NHL. There 4 or 5 of him per decade. The man does nothing but score.

Sam said...

Get Kovalchuk at any cost. He is 26 and will put up more points in a season then callahan, dubinsky and staal. This team would be amazing with him, there is no question you pull the trigger and make this deal.