Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gaborik Not Ruled Out for Tonight

Larry Brooks at the New York Post tweets that Marian Gaborik (lower body injury) has not been ruled out for tonight's bronze medal game against Finland.

While, Darren Dreger also takes to Twitter to report that Gaborik's injury is not related to his leg laceration and says he may play tonight.

...not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I'm happy to hear that he's healthy enough to not be ruled out yet, on the other I don't care how minor the injury is the Rangers are in a dog fight for a playoff spot and they don't need him to further hurt himself tonight forcing him to miss a large portion of the remaining 20 games of the season.

...i know Gaborik wants to bring a medal home to Slovakia but he's got to be smart here and make the decision to sit out.


chris said...

if it was bad enough to keep him out for most of the game vs canada why would he risk it?

This is where there should be some kind of policy in place- maybe where a dr from the NHL team the player is contracted to can make the call.

It's not just Gaborik - though he would be the most devastating loss point wise for any team.

JoeR said...

This is Bettman's argument for keeping NHL players out of the Olympics. It figures that the one team affected negatively is the Rangers. We cannot catch a break.