Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gaborik to Miss First Two Olympic Games

NHL.com reports that Marian Gaborik will miss Slovakia's first two Olympic games and won't ready until the round-robin finale on Saturday against Latvia.

According to Slovakian team doctor Dalimir Jancovic, Gaborik still has significant weakness in his right leg and difficulty fully flexing his knee one week after a collision in practice with New York Rangers teammate Henrik Lundqvist left him with a deep skate gash to his lower thigh.

"I think he needs without training three days still," Jancovic told NHL.com.

...this is where the Rangers are put in a difficult situation. If he still has significant weakness in the leg, I'd much rather see him fly back to New York and rest for the two weeks instead of trying to push himself which may cause further injury.

...Sather needs to make phone calls to Gaborik and the Slovakian Olympic team asking for him to come back home.

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chef dave said...

The point is moot. Gaborik has the right under th cba to play for his national team during the olympics, and management is not alllowed to even request that he does not. hopefully this wont be a repeat of dominic haseks groin during the last olympics, but if it is Gaborik has that right. End of story.