Friday, February 19, 2010

Cap Will Keep Rangers From Being Big Buyers

Lyle Richardson at The Hockey News says the salary cap will keep the Rangers from making any major moves at the March 3rd deadline including obtaining Edmonton blueliner Sheldon Souray...

"Rozsival and Redden have almost no trade value, so moving their contracts is almost impossible unless Sather is willing to package one of them with a more tempting option (such as, perhaps, center Brandon Dubinsky), but that would do more harm than good to the Blueshirts roster."

Souray still has two years left on his contract worth $5.4 million per year.

...since it doesn't look like the Rangers are sending Redden down to Hartford, I've got to ask the question: Would you be willing to give up Dubinsky to turn Redden's contract, which has four years left at $6.5 million per year, into Souray's contract?


Andrew_794 said...

nope, just bury redden in the minors please..or give them our 1first round pick reden and a prospec for souray and somone else? just leave dubi out

scchask said...

Yes, I see Dubi & Cally as similar players and Cally is better. Dubi does not have good enuf scoring touch. Not realistic that owners will swallow Redden's big salary in the AHL. Souray's not great but anything to get rid of Redden's anchor on this team's future.

Paul said...

scchask, i dont think dubi and cally are that similar. cally more of a free safety type, really quick guy who forces turnovers whereas dubi more physical on the puck, fishing pucks out behind the net, etc. dubi will be a great 2nd line center some day. he is part of the solution. souray still has two years left on his contract! no way is it worth it.

who's pumped for usa-canada tomorrow?