Friday, February 19, 2010

Drury Scores, Callahan Assists and Gaborik Leads Upset

Chris Drury scored his first goal of the Olympics in Team USA's 6-1 victory over Norway to help improve America's record to 2-0 in the round-robin.

Ryan Callahan picked up an assist on Drury's goal. For a full recap click here.

...despite getting limited ice-time, Drury and Callahan have been very effective. Lots of energy and physical play. Hopefully, the more offense they can bring the more ice time they'll get.

While, Marian Gaborik had six shots on goal (five in the third period) and failed on his overtime shootout attempt during Slovakia 2-1 shootout upset victory over Russia. Slovakia is now 1-1. Game recap here.

...didn't see the game, but sounds like Gaborik was dominant. Not happy to see the Slovaks get a victory but very encouraged with Gaborik once again getting stronger as the game wore on.


JoeR said...

I saw the game. Gaborik looked basically like he always looks - energized, brilliant passing, always in the right place. They defended him well. Pavol Demitra was the hero of the game for Slovakia. Judging from his play, and from the fact that he wasn't in any obvious discomfort (like he was when he tried to play in Pittsburgh), I would guess he'll be fine to play - and play well - for the Rangers on March 3, barring any new injury.

William said...

why are you upset that the slovaks got a win against the Russians? are you a Soviet? weirdo.

Paul said...