Friday, February 5, 2010

So Much for Sykora; Rangers on Souray's List

One player I had been mentioning the Rangers should take a flyer on is Petr Sykora who was recently waived from the Minnesota Wild. But forget that now as Kevin Allen of USA Today, via Twitter, reports that the former Ranger had abdominal surgery Wednesday and is out for the season.

...i thought he would have been a nice, cheap pick-up for the rest of the season. Oh well.

While, Darren Dreger at TSN reports that Rangers are one of six teams the Oilers' Sheldon Souray said he would drop his no-trade clause to join this season.

Souray had surgery on Tuesday to correct damage sustained in a fight with the Flames Jarome Iginla on Saturday. He says he has every intention of returning to the ice before the end of the regular season and expects to be playoff-ready.

...this would be one of the all-time bone head moves if the Rangers traded for Souray.


CoochieWallie said...

I would do it if we where able to dump redden drug or Rosie more redden cause he has more yrs on his contract

NYRFan said...

Edmonton is trying to dump salary, no way they'd take Rozsival or Redden back.

damir said...

"...this would be one of the all-time bone head moves if the Rangers traded for Souray."

thats what Sather is for

-DO said...

Souray is Redden2.0. An overpaid D-man with some offensive upside but a defensve liability whenever he is on the ice. I suppose he would be an upgrade from Rozi, who is the defensive liability without the upside.

Brian said...

While Souray might be a carbon copy of Redden, he undoubtedly has a harder shot, he makes like 2 million less and his contract is much shorter. If we can jet Redden to western Canada for Souray, that would be a great deal. I would even through in a C+ level prospect to get it done.