Monday, February 1, 2010

Now Kotalik Blamed for Trade Hold Up; Trade Falling Apart?

Last night, Darren Dreger of TSN blamed Calgary for holding up the Rangers/Flames deal, now Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report says the holdup is Ales Kotalik’s limited no trade clause, which lists Calgary as one of three teams he cannot be traded without his permission.

...Sather's stupidity coming back to bite him. How he can give Kotalik any kind of no trade clause is beyond me.

Elliotte Friedman at Hockey Night in Canada, via Twitter, reports he received word last night that the deal has fallen apart.

...unreal that a marginal hockey player can hold this entire deal up because Sather not only gave him $3 million per year but also a no trade clause. to give myself some props, as I speculated early (before names and team was announced) that Kotalik most likely was not happy with the team he was being traded to and was sent home to speak to family about it.


Chris said...

Loving all the updates... makes it easy to pass the time at work. Keep 'em coming!

rickyweingarten said...

If this trade falls apart because of Sather giving Kotalik a no-trade clause - he should be shot...repeatedly.

Rob Abruzzese said...

Damn. So this guy not only gets $3 million a year, but he's got a 3 year deal, and then on top of that he's got a limited no-trade clause?

He's definitely got something on Sather. Some incriminating photos or something.

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