Monday, February 1, 2010

Final Season for Sather?

Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun reports this could be Glen Sather's final season as Rangers GM...

"This could be the final season for Glen Sather in a dual role as president/GM of the Rangers. The belief is he'll remain president with Mark Messier taking over as GM. Messier is at the KHL all-star game in Russia with Wayne Gretzky."

...while I'd be ecstatic seeing Sather leave, I'm not so sure I'd like to see Messier in there as GM just yet. In my opinion, he still needs a few more seasons learning the business.


Todd And Kelley Widdows said...

maybe Mess will give this franchise the face lift it really needs

Todd And Kelley Widdows said...

I think what burns me is that back in 05-06 we were "rebuilding" and "youth was the way", and then after we overachieved out of the gate; the Rangers turned back into the same old Rangers of the 90's trying to buy are way into cup contention, Had we stuck to the game plan rather than keep fixing it when it wasn't broke mentality, then I honestly believe this club would be better today for it.