Thursday, February 4, 2010

Capitals 6, Rangers 5

The New York Rangers (25-26-7) lost to the Washington Capitals (39-12-6) by the score of 6-5, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...i know they lost but where has that team been the last month? Skating, shooting and a functional power play. That's the first game I've enjoyed watching in weeks.

...having said that, the Rangers are now one game under .500. Didn't think that was possible in the three-point era.

...we saw the good and bad of Jokinen tonight. The good being his willingness to shoot no matter where he is on the ice (7 shots), the bad being his lack of speed which led to three penalties. Overall I really like what he brings to the Rangers.

...the Rangers have to, have to, have to stay out of the box when they go up against a team as skilled as the Caps are on the power play. That was the key to the game.

...speaking of skilled how ridiculous is Ovechkin? While Lundqvist should have made the save, his goal at the end of the second period was sick.

...five goals and none from Gaborik, that's going to cut into his percentage of overall Ranger goals.'s tough to blame Lundqvist going up against that type of offense, but he had a tough game tonight.

...the hockey gods refuse to let Redden do anything good for the Rangers as he rings the double pipe on what could have been the tying goal. tomorrow then the Ilya Kovalchuk led Devils come to town.


JoeR said...

I was at this game. Even when they had a one-goal lead, it felt like we were down by 1, that's how fearsome the Caps offense is. We got beat by a better team, but we showed up and played pretty decent. I think with Higgins/Kotalik instead of Joker/Prust it wouldn't have even been competitive. I really hope we use the money we saved on Kotalik to get a tough D-man like Volchenkov or Hamhuis. Devils suck.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it guys it's time to tear this thing down. We are not moving in the standings and everyone is looking down on us. With Drury, Redden, Rozival still on the books and Kovy to New Jersey were DOOMED!!!! YIKES. We got beat by the best offensive team right now. There are no moral victories. TTBD Tear This Bitch Down. Send the biatches golfing.