Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Question: Can the Rangers Score Goals?

Pierre Lebrun at ESPN has one question for every team in the Eastern Conference, including this one for the Rangers...

Burning question: Will this team be able to score goals? Last season, the Rangers made the playoffs despite averaging only 2.44 goals per game (28th in the NHL and easily the worst mark among the 16 playoff squads). To that end, the Rangers added the dynamic yet oft-injured Gaborik to the mix, as well as Higgins, Kotalik and Prospal. But with the losses of Gomez, Zherdev, Naslund and Antropov, how much more offense can we really expect? Quite simply, if Gaborik stays healthy, the Rangers are better off. He's a 50-goal scorer if he can play 70 games.

...got to agree with Lebrun here. If Gaborik stays healthy they'll be fine. If not, Lundqvist is again going to be depended on to steal lots of games.

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