Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bourque Suffers Concussion

Jess Rubenstein at The Prospect Park reports that Rangers prospect Ryan Bourque suffered a concussion last Saturday evening and is out at the least until Friday. Bourque who plays for the Quebec Remparts in the QMJHL missed Tuesday's game...

"The Remparts via Coach Patrick Roy (yes that Patrick Roy) are saying that it has not been ruled 100% a concussion but Bourque believes he has suffered one. Bourque is going to sit out a 2 game road trip (game 1 was Tuesday night, game 2 Wednesday) and will be re-evaluated when the Remparts return back to Quebec by Friday."

...Ranger brass better get on the horn right away and make sure the Remparts doctors and organization are doing the right thing here. The last thing the Rangers need is some QMJHL doctor saying he's clear to play before he's symptom free.

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