Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Voros Moved Up to Second Line

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes is reporting that Tom Renney moved Aaron Voros up to the second line with Dubinsky and Zherdev, while dropping Nigel Dawes down a spot to the third line with Korpikoski and Callahan during practice today. The fourth line consisted of Orr and Betts practicing with each of the following Prucha, Fritsche, Rissmiller, and Sjostrom.

...maybe I'm over-rating Frische, but I can't believe he's not getting more of a shot. He looked great during the preseason and would love to see him in the line-up.

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Anonymous said...

Voros almost reminds me of an Adam Graves character. Plants himself in front of the net and not afraid to drop the gloves. Messier said in an interview he's a fan of Voros...