Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vally In, Malik Out, & Line Changes

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes gives an update from this mornings practice...

"As mentioned as a strong possiblity here yesterday, Steve Valiquette is giving Henrik a breather. He last played Jan. 3 and faced the Flyers in the 5-3 loss at MSG last Feb. 17 when both Shanahan (concussion) and Lundqvist (shoulder) left the game.

One surprise is that D Paul Mara is sitting, Marek Malik and Jason Strudwick are dressing. Marc Staal will play, still a little flu-ish.

No callups. I'm mystified. Just 12 healthy forwards.

Some line tinkering: Straka back with Gomez, Jagr. Avery back with Dubinsky, Shanny. Might happen, but Renney said not to read too much into it."

...if Renney pairs Malik with Strudwick tonight, is there a slower d tandem in the NHL?

...I don't like Renney continuing to tinker with the lines. Its one of the reasons this team can't find any chemistry.


bpette02 said...

You know what else bothers me about Renney. The other night in the 1st period, the Rangers got screwed on a couple of calls, and the camera should Renney on the bench. Instead of screaming at the refs or throwing the bench on the ice, he sits there chewing his gum and smiling. Show some emotion Tom! No wonder your team plays with no emotion.

fleisch14 said...

you ant fire every coach you get because of an uneven 1st half of the season, after 2 seasons of improvment and success. The Rangers are still very much in the playoff picture and in contention for the division.